Dry Stone Huts

France is a very popular country. It has many different places that are known for its exceptional beauty. Tourists love everything about France. In Dordogne which is a French department, you can see prehistoric cave paintings and many other tourists destinations and attractions. This department is actually one of the richest departments of France because of the number of its historical monuments. In other words, it is rich in culture and tradition including arts. There are beautiful villages as well as cities of art and history.

The architecture of France is truly wonderful. The dry stone wall huts are among the most visited destinations in the area.  These are actually small in size, abandoned, and in ruins. In many different parts of France aside from Dordogne, these stone huts can be seen. The shape of these stone huts are not just round but in huge range of styles. There are other stone houses to be seen known as nave houses or house with nave and aisles having wooden supports inside.

The dry stone huts served as a temporary shelter to the farmers and his flock. During the 18th and 19th centuries, these stone huts were also used to store the farmer’s harvest aside from being the seasonal shelter for the farmer and his animals. These stone huts were built through dry stone masonry. Though these were already abandoned and ruined, it was still ceased to be maintained. Actually, these are not the works of architects yet it became a very important French heritage.